About Us


Dharug Strategic Management Group is a Dharug-led Non-Profit Organisation. Our purpose is to advance the culture and wellbeing of the Dharug people and promote reconciliation, respect and harmony between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. We do this through managing and caring for Country that returns to Dharug ownership. 

The BNI Site

In October 2018, the DSMG was handed back the site of the Blacktown Native Institute (BNI) to manage and care for this land for the Dharug Community. This land is the first of Dharug Nura (Country) to return to Dharug ownership and is a place to connect to Country, culture and community.

This land hosted the Native Institution from 1823-1829 following the transfer of the Parramatta Native Institution, which was established by Lachlan Macquarie in 1815. This is one of the first known sites where Aboriginal children were removed from their parents and institutionalised – a practice that continued until the 1970s. The BNI Site is a landmark in the history of black-white relations in Australia, representing an important element of the colonial relationship with Dharug people and the broader Aboriginal community.

The BNI Site is not only a place that represents this sad and reprehensible part of colonial history. It is a place of reflection, healing and hope, and connects us to thousands of years of Dharug culture and Nura (Country).

We are an organisation for Dharug people, managed by Dharug people to promote connection to Country and community through culture, ceremony and responsible custodianship. We continue a long journey, remembering and respecting the resilience, strength and spirit of Dharug Nura and our ancestors.