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The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project: Womens & Mens Cultural Yarning Circles

We as descendants of nura and as descendants of her children, wish to contribute to her entire story through an artistic lens, revegetation and rejuvenation. Join us to connect with the artist in a cultural yarning circle. Women will learn about traditional weaving techniques and yarn about culture. Men will learn about traditional tools and yarn about country. Groups will then come together to talk about fire management and revegetation.


5 April 2020

The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project: Two-Day Kids Aboriginal Dance Workshop

Guided by the artist, as a site of Dreaming, immerse yourself in stories, land and culture in this engaging two-day Kids dance workshop. This workshop is aimed at young people aged seven to seventeen and will be led by professional Dharug dancers. 


Participants are advised that this is a two day workshop and they are required to attend on Sunday 3 May and from noon to 8 pm for a rehearsal and performance on Saturday 6 June.


5 April 2020

The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project: Community Gathering

Through ceremony and art, Country will rejuvenate, regenerate, heal and resonate. Participate in this healing creative workshop with our three lead Dharug artists where you will explore her history through their lens.

3 May 2020


The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project: Biennale NIRIN Gathering  Day 1

Join us to experience ceremony and cultural performances along with the unveiling of the artist: the Blacktown Native Institution site. Explore the storying of the site through the onsite installations by our Dharug artists Venessa Possum, Leanne Tobin and Leanne Watson. Get to know the team from the Biennale 2020 and our partnering organisations. Chat with custodians who hold hundreds of years of storying about this incredible site and natural artist.


6 June 2020

The Gulbangali Dharug Nura Project: Biennale NIRIN Gathering  Day 2

Join us on site to connect with community through being, art, culture and ceremony as we bestow the opportunity for the artist to speak and show us her natural artistic beauty. Experience the art installations and listen as the Dharug Custodians and artists share the pre and post-colonial history and subsequent colonisation of the site. Nura (Country) speaks. Hear the plans for her future.


7 June 2020

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