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Dharug Network

Our Dharug Network

Darug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation

Darug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation’s central focus is Darug people, culture and country. It is an organisation that trace family history of Darug and preserve it for future generations of Australians. It supports the establishment of a cultural centre of Darug culture to collect objects and information relating to Darug history and culture to benefit the community. It aims to obtain claims for Darug traditional lands under native title claims for Darug people; and help create security for aboriginal people through economic development.

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Darug Custodians Aboriginal Corporation

Darug Custodians Aboriginal Corporation is a community includes people from all over Australia and the world and has corporation which structured with a board of Darug elders and community members. It aims to educate the wider community about Aboriginal people and Darug culture, it assists with educational programs on culture, cultural sensitivity, language and cultural delivery within all education sectors.

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Burbaga Aboriginal Corporation

The Burbaga Aboriginal Corporation recognises not only the Darug community and their Elders but all embraces all Aboriginal communities, and actively works towards its benefit.

Merana Aboriginal Community Association

Merana Aboriginal Community Association for the Hawkesbury  is the first Aboriginal organisation in the Hawkesbury LGA and was established to support all Aboriginal people in the community. Merana was incorporated in 2003 to assist in giving Aboriginal people a voice and to raise awareness of Aboriginal issues on both a local and national level. Merana's continuing objective is to develop, support and implement programs, positions and resources that meet the needs identified by the Aboriginal people.

Indigenous Network
Our Indigenous Network
Community First Development

CFD works with many Indigenous communities towards building a brighter future. ICV provides access to skilled volunteers and resources in areas where education, health care and employment opportunities are often limited.

Industry Network
Our Industry Network

GHD is a global professional services company providing engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services to clients in both the public and private sector. GHD worked alongside DSMG, as part of their Reconciliation Action Plan, to transfer ownership of the land around the Blacktown Native Institution to the Dharug Community. 

Create NSW

Create NSW provides engaging events surrounding arts and culture in order to grow the cultural sector of NSW. One of the most significant events is the Biennale of Sydney which provides a platform for contemporary art and innovative ideas. 

Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art collects and exhibits artworks from modern artists. The aim of the museum is to make contemporary artworks more widely accessible to the general public. The land that the Museum of Contemporary Art has historical significance to its traditional owners, and this is reflected through the artworks in the Museum. 

Gilbert & Tobin

Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers is a small team of lawyers focused on providing excellent legal advice on high-profile, complex matters. It is recognised as a leading transactions, regulatory and disputes law firm, also it is committed to outstanding citizenship, champion important causes such as marriage equality and reconciliation with Australia’s Indigenous people.

Hayes Knight

Hayes Knight is a federation of independent accounting and business advisory firms across capital cities in Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers everything that businesses, organisations and professionals need to grow,develop, sustain and capitalise on the opportunities available to them.


Landcom is the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation.  We are a State Owned Corporation working with government and the private and not-for-profit sectors to deliver exemplary housing projects that provide social and economic benefits to the people of NSW.   Landcom helps the NSW Government achieve its urban management objectives by taking a lead role in improving the supply, diversity and affordability of housing.  Our mission is to create more affordable and sustainable communities. 

Greening Australia

Greening Australia is an independent not-for-profit  environmental enterprise that tackle the challenges facing Australia’s unique and diverse landscapes in ways that work for communities, economies and nature. Greening Australia aims to bring life to landscapes and restore balance to the natural environment in significant areas across Australia.

Western Sydney Network
Our Western Sydney Network
Blacktown City Council 

Blacktown is a practical 'can do' City with a different vision. Their primary commitment is to achieve diverse goals through the delivery of tangible projects and programs that will leave a lasting community legacy.

Blacktown Arts Centre

Blacktown Arts is a recognised leader in the development of contemporary arts in Australia.They support artistic innovation and offers exciting, new experiences for audiences through an award-winning curated program of exhibitions, performances, workshops, residencies and events. Blacktown Arts is committed to exploring dynamic, culturally diverse work that reflects Blacktown, its history and its communities. They place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities at the heart of their program to develop new work drawing on issues of local and global significance.

Parramatta City Council

City of Parramatta offers lifestyle, employment, arts and culture and our work spans across a variety of areas including urban design, land use planning. The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Darug people who are the traditional custodians of the land of Parramatta. The Council pays respect to the elders past and present of the Darug nation and extends that respect to other Aboriginal people visiting the site.

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