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Barkindji Artist Maddison Gibbs is Muru Award Winner 2022

Maddison Gibbs' Award-winning Mother Scar Tree

As part of our ongoing cultural programs on Nura, DSMG sponsored the 2022 Muru Award as part of the fabulous Hidden Rookwood Sculptures Exhibition at Rookwood Cemetery on Wangal Country. Amongst a strong field of First Nations artists, fabulous Barkindji artist Maddison Gibbs’ awesome Mother Scar Tree, in which floating forms hiding in plain sight echoed and amplified the quiet, persistent, caring and creative presence of the female spirits of Dharug ancestors. In Maddison’s words “It is only when you stop to listen and watch that the spirits reveal themselves. They represent Aboriginal culture, effortlessly camouflaging and complementing the existing landscape”. Program judge and DSMG Chair Julie Jones commented that while many of the First Nations pieces exhibited in Hidden 2022 evoked deep thought, Mother Scar Tree had the immediate impact of connecting to the Ancestors and spirit in place through the hairs on your arms that tingled to attention and sensed the presence of something very special. Visit the Hidden 2022 website for Mother Scar Tree here or review the whole exhibition here. Visit Maddison’s home page here.

The walking exhibition of 42 sculptures is open until October 9 (collect a tour guide at the Rookwood Main Office on Hawthorne Ave Rookwood). Mother Scar Tree is exhibit #12. There is also a set of 10 short films at the All Souls Chapel across from the Village Green Parking area near the Main Office on Sundays (9am-4pm) and Wednesdays (2-6pm). The films can also be seen any time online here.

Barkindji Artist Maddison Gibbs at the presentation of the Muru Award with Julie Jones, Raelene Billedo-Locke and Hidden Rookwood Curator Dr Kath Fries

Congratulations to Maddison and thanks to all the artists who entered the Muru Award 2022.

Here is a short video showing Maddison's award-winning Mother Scar Tree


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