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BNI Site Landscape Masterplan Updated

DSMG has an enduring partnership with GHD, the Australian-based global professional services company that marshals planning, engineering, construction and architectural expertise. GHD managed the negotiations that led to the transfer of title to the BNI site from Landcom to DSMG in 2018, and has worked with the Board to update the site masterplan.

Previous landscape masterplan documents were developed for the larger heritage listed area stretching west along Richmond Road and along Bells Creek beyond the site transferred at the 2018 handover ceremony.

The new plan was developed by GHD’s Senior Landscape Architect and Team Leader Urban Design & Landscape Callum Bryan-Mathieson and Senior Social Sustainability Consultant – Engagement, Communication and Communities and long-time DSMG supporter Lauren Harding, and emphasises the revegetation of the site as a process of healing Nura as the foundation for moving forward to celebrate the site’s 40,000 years and longer Dharug history, its colonial history as a place of suffering, loss and resilience, and its recent history as the first Nura to be returned to Dharug care since colonial times.

The update plan can be accessed

DSMG_BNI_LandscapeMaterplan_GHD_Final (2
Download • 5.49MB



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