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Celebrating Country at the BNI

With warm thanks Dharug researcher Dr Jo Rey and videographer Mark Parry we are pleased to present this moving record of our celebrations at the BNI in August, when we were able commemorate the 200th anniversary of the colonial creation of the Blacktown Native Institution at site in 1823, and recognise the memories of the lives transformed and trauma created by those times. Our gatherings over the weekend welcomed local First Nations school students from our closest neighbouring school, the wider community, and most importantly our Dharug family, to review progress towards a new Conservation Management Plan (work that has been supported by an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage grant from Heritage NSW), to discuss future activities on and around the site, and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the return of this place to Dharug care.

Mark has produced a terrific short video that is available in two formats: one small file (480p) and one higher definition file (1080p). We hope you enjoy the format that works best for you and look forward to seeing you soon as we continue our journey to healing Ngura. Thanks to all those who joined as in the activities in August.

Small file version:

High resolution version:


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