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Dharug Community Events at the BNI

Friday August 11 from 4pm through Sunday August 13 at 12pm (RSVP Tuesday 1 August for camping and catering)

DSMG Invites Dharug community and families to join us in acknowledging the 200th anniversary of the creation of the BNI in 1823 and the 5th anniversary of the site's return to Dharug care in 2018.

On Friday evening we will mark out the footprint of the original building at the site and use lighting to recognise the children and their families and acknowledge the traumatic history of the BNI and our continued connections to Country and how DSMG is working to transform our grief into healing and empowerment.

Camping and catering will be available for those whose RSVP (bring your own camping equipment and warm clothes of course).

There is a public event on Saturday 10am-4pm with food available for purchase.

On Sunday morning we will share a quiet time for reflection and connection that will allow Dharug families to share the morning atmosphere and join us in celebrating the future healing of Country and Culture at the BNI.

Please RSVP to letting us know who will be camping on each night. Didjergura.

A flyer with event details can be downloaded here:

Dharug only Event Flyer r02
Download PDF • 1.82MB


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