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DSMG Co-sponsors Casula Powerhouse Aboriginal Scholarship Prize, Awarded to Kerry Toomey

The annual Mil-Pra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) exhibition and art prize celebrates the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in our region and beyond and DSMG was really pleased to co-sponsor a major scholarship award at the Casula Powerhouse that will support the winning artist to develop a solo exhibition. The entries for the award this year were terrific and DSMG Director Richie Howitt assisted in the judging. You can see the award announcements at the Casula Powerhouse website and the exhibition runs until 27 January 2021, so drop in to view the works if you get a chance.

Congratulations to our Dharug sister Leanne Tobin, who received the Kate Nicholas Liverpool Women’s Services Award for an amazing work titled ‘Are You Listening Now’.

The winner of the Casula Powerhouse Aboriginal Scholarship Award was Kerry Toomey, for an exceptional sculptural entry title ‘Hat and Boots’, in which the images of Country concealed in the boots’ inner soles spoke to the resilience of so many Aboriginal women who walk tall on Country wherever they walk. You can see the presentation of the award at the 20-minute mark on the You Tube clip at the website. You can visit the virtual exhibition online or visit the Casula Powerhouse.


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