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Rethinking the Powerhouse at Parramatta

In July DSMG made a submission on the EIS for the new Powerhouse at Parramatta.

Our submission has caused heads to turn. We expressed our anger about the project’s failure to understand, respect or respond to Dharug values.

On October 8, DSMG will present our concerns to the NSW Parliamentary Committee that is inquiring into the proposal to develop a new Powerhouse Museum on the Parramatta site, and to destroy existing heritage buildings Willow Grove (and Dharug values) on the site.

From our submission – The EIS deserves rejection – as does the design:

In the government’s enthusiasm for a project whose design has already been judged as “excellent”, there is no room for public expression that it is far from excellent because it inappropriately dominates our cultural landscape, annihilates our heritage, and dismisses and trivialises our trauma. The EIS presents a justification for the design. It is not an assessment but an advocacy statement. This formal report of 177 pages has no less than 36 appendices. Yet in all those words and pages, it fails to actually assess or justify the project. It advocates a pre-determined decision to build at any cost.

Read the full DSMG submission on the Powerhouse EIS here:

Download • 297KB


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